03.27.13John Goux

Enjoyed your videos which I found through the Collimgs forum. Do you mind if I ask what kind of speaker you have in your Princeton Reverb? You have a solid clean tone. J

02.20.13Tyson Harvey

Hey man,

I'm a fellow gear page guy out of NYC. I play around the city a lot, but I need to get back to studying. Are you taking students at this time? If so please include details. Thanks!

11.09.12Tom Stewart

Hi Soco:

Great playing! I just got an eventide modfactor. Care to give up the settings you have for your latest Holdsworth-style clip?


Tom Stewart

09.26.12mark freed


I heard the timefactor in your showcases, and just tried one at a music store in wpg . I really liked the sounds I got, with the settings done by the salesperson.

I was going to ask you if there is any downside, but I see you're sponsored by them!!!

I guess my concern is that I'm not much good at adjusting settings.

Congratulations, Josetein, that's a great credit to your music.

Mark Freed, wpg.


Hi, im Agustin, im a a tango musician, i play the bandoneon and i also play guitar. I Will be the next january(2013) in the new york. I read you live close to the city and I will be staying in mahattan. I would like to take several classes of jazz guitar this month, like, 2/3 per week.(like a intensive seminary). I would like to know how much cost every class , or if we could do like a package of several classes for all the month.

02.24.12Marc Ybaben

Hi Jostein, It's "marcwhy" from online. How did your CD release go?! I'm really digging the CD, and enjoy the compositions. I was wondering if I could acquire/purchase your lead sheets? I like to play new/cool/different charts with my group (I have all of Gian's charts!), and I'd love to attempt yours.
Thanks for considering, and I hope all is well.

05.07.10Josh Breier

I am thinking about a Collings SoCo - which you sound great on as does Bruce Suanders- but have not been unable to play one to check it out. I did play an I 35 which I loved in every way excpet I thought it was a bit bright - so I would trade out the low wind pups for Lollar regular winds -

My questions are:

1. Are you still digging your SoCo?


2. Have you also tried the I 35 and compared the two, and if so is there a large difference between them sound-wise? I do pretty much the same type of thing you do so I need something with a bit of fatness and a little acoustic pop - It seems like the SoCo might be an improvement over the i 35 in that area - If you have tried both what do you think about their relative utility for standard jazz - ie clean - playing -

Thanks for your time
Josh Breier

04.11.10Paul Friedman

nice site!